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Espacio Legal - Law firm

Advice and Financial and Accounting Management

In Espacio Legal we have a department directed to self-employed workers and small entrepreneurs: the Financial and Accounting Area, designed to help our clients to better manage their company..

Our added value compared to a common advisory service lies in having the support of a legal and tax department capable of providing the best solutions to the needs of each client, as well as having the appropriate legal resources in case any inconvenience arises.

We handle accounting for self-employed workers and companies, process basic tax obligations, manage any occasional penalties and tax management requirements, and deal with any type of financial event, including treasury management.

The philosophy of Espacio Legal | Law & Tax and its director and founder, the lawyer Marcelino Tamargo, includes specialized prevention and advice, i.e. consulting any movement with experts, finding the best option in each case and avoid being immersed in legal proceedings derived from mismanagement. Most conflicts with the administration, individuals or companies could be avoided simply by going to the right professionals.

Espacio Legal - Law firm