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Arbitration and mediation

In Espacio Legal | Law & Tax we opt for two of the most effective instruments that exist today to solve conflicts of a contractual and commercial nature: arbitration and mediation..

It is a faster, more efficient formula and, in the event of civil and commercial mediation, less expensive than bringing the case before ordinary courts.

Arbitration is an extrajudicial formula, where conflicting parties submit to an arbitrator or arbitration court to solve a dispute. It is a specialized court in which the interveners are specialists in the subject matter of the controversy and this, for the most part, is due to the parties being able to designate by mutual agreement the arbitrators who will participate in the procedure or how to choose them.

Espacio Legal | Law & Tax, with the lawyer Marcelino Tamargo in charge, has a team of specialized lawyers involved in national and international arbitration proceedings in the field of commercial, corporate or contractual law.

We are also experts in International Maritime Arbitration. The maritime route moves 80% of world trade, so it is common for legal disputes to arise. Most are among countries with very different regulations, so arbitration has proven to be the best formula to solve them.

Our percentage of success in this field of arbitration is 90% by judicial or extrajudicial proceedings.

Mediation, on the other hand, is not a litigious process (either judicial or arbitral).In this case, there is a mediator who has no decision-making competences, its job is to facilitate the communication between the parties in order for both to reach a satisfactory agreement. In Espacio Legal | Law & Tax, we have enough experience to act as mediators and seek an agreement as quickly as possible, which will be cheaper for the client.

Espacio Legal - Law firm