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Espacio Legal - Law firm

Banking and Financial Law

Espacio Legal | Law & Tax is a lawyers firm specialized in Financial Law.

We handle the legal defense of our clients regarding payment and Tax Claims (taxes, fees, and special contributions), patrimonial income, tenancy operationsleasing, unpaid equipment or invoices of government debt or tax monopolies (lotteries and tobacco), fines, and monetary sanctions.

In the business sector, we work on all those aspects that are regulated by financial law. We also advise on economic decision-making and issues related to tax payment, capital financing, or debt recovery.

In Espacio Legal | Law & Tax we have gotten specialized in the new areas of the law as is the case of Banking Law. In this sense, we work with minimum interest rate clauses, deeds of assignment in payment, mortgage formation costs, derivative financial products, multi-currency mortgages, etc., and any matter arising from the relations of banking entities with the client.


The lawyers from the Banking and Financial Law area from Espacio Legal | Law & Tax have prolonged experience in this field. In fact, the founder and director of the law firm, the lawyer Marcelino Tamargo Menéndez, was the first lawyer to achieve a sentence condemning a bank entity for one of the so-called “trashy products”, a Bankinter Swap.

Since then, he has won over hundreds of cases and become a national and international reference in this matter.

Espacio Legal - Law firm