Entrepreneurs and directives can face criminal proceedings due to their position. We work by preventing possible crimes or defending you before the courts.

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In Espacio Legal we have a team of lawyers who specialize in Economic Criminal Law, that is, in the defence of entrepreneurs and executives who face criminal proceedings because of their positions.

Our firm, headed by the lawyer Marcelino Tamargo Menéndez, deals with both the prevention of crime for the legal entity and his defence before the Courts of Justice.

This is a kind of highly specialized and personalized legal advice, which requires a great deal of dedication to the client. An aspect we especially take care of in Espacio Legal. For this reason, we have become a reference in Spain’s legal sector, in the development of this way of defence.

Depending on the type of process, a multidisciplinary team of professionals from other departments of the firm intervene, who are highly specialized in all branches of law that may be involved: tax, commercial, administrative, urban, intellectual, and industrial property Law.

We focus on procedures regarding: corporate crimes, punishable insolvency, intellectual property and copyright. Also economic crimes, tax crimes and money laundering, as well as those related to urbanism and environment, prevarication and bribery.

Our way of doing is characterized by the application of ethical principles based on the right to an objective, independent and of quality legal defence.

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The new regulation of criminal liability of individuals and legal entities has quite an adverse environment in this sector. The repercussion of this change in regulations has had enormous consequences, therefore in Espacio Legal; we focus on analysing and advising our clients on compliance matters and on the design and implementation of crime prevention programs in the business sector.


Our work in counselling in the economic criminal sector begins with an assessment of the client’s criminal risks and the assumption of measures aimed at their prevention. This initial action is essential for the subsequent legal defence and for the limitation of the criminal responsibility of the defendant.


In Espacio Legal we have experience in the defence in matters of criminal responsibility in the following cases:

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Espacio Legal has offices in Madrid, Gijón, Barcelona and Málaga. From them we operate in all Spain and any country in which our clients have interests. We are pioneers in the fight against bad banking practices, work that has been recognized with the award of the "El Suplemento 2016" in the Financial Law category. Today we manage all kinds of legal specialties.

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