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In Espacio Legal we’re aware that a judicial process may be long and costly, that’s why we have set on track an INTEREST-FREE FINANCING PLAN, so that money isn’t an inconvenience when claiming your rights or solving any legal trouble that arises.

How does it Work?



We study your case

Not every process is the same, which is why the first thing to do is an analysis of your legal case, to determine its complexity and stablish the working method.


We stablish how much they may cost

This will vary depending on how complex the process is.


We plan your payment terms 

Once we have studied and determined the cost, we carry out a personalized study of your situation, to find the payment terms that best adapt to your needs.


Does it have any additional cost?

NONE, the financing plan does not involve any interest, nor does it increase the cost of the process.

For what kind of procedures?

For any procedure, not mattering its quantity, and adapted to your financial situation.

What is the aim?

To help you start any claim or procedure without its cost holding you back.


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Espacio Legal has offices in Madrid, Gijón, Barcelona and Málaga. From them we operate in all Spain and any country in which our clients have interests. We are pioneers in the fight against bad banking practices, work that has been recognized with the award of the "El Suplemento 2016" in the Financial Law category. Today we manage all kinds of legal specialties.

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