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Espacio Legal - Law firm

Financial Intermediation

In Espacio Legal | Law & Tax we have specialized in intermediation with financial entities. On the one hand, we advise our clients how to channel their savings and investments and, on the other, we look for the best solution for difficult economic situations.

Many people choose to monetize their savings by investing. Our office has an expert team in advising on the best options for each particular situation, as well as achieving maximum profitability.

Financial entities are the intermediaries that facilitate access to the financial market for individuals, in Espacio Legal | Law & Tax we analyse their proposals and determine to what extent they are profitable for our clients.

In the event of a debt existing, we renegotiate its restructuring by seeking the most beneficial agreement. The professionals of our firm, with the lawyer Marcelino Tamargo in charge, have specialized in various sectors, so they are qualified to inform their clients of the most convenient options at their disposal.

Espacio Legal - Law firm