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Despacho de abogados en Madrid Barcelona y Asturias

Espacio Legal | Law & Tax is a law firm founded in 2006 by the lawyer Marcelino Tamargo Menéndez and currently has offices in Madrid, Gijón, Barcelona and Málaga (Spain).

Pioneer in achieving the elimination of banking malpractices, our law firm was the first one in Spain to obtain a Court judgement convicting a banking entity for releasing the so called “junk banking fincancial products”. Since then, we have won hundreds of Court cases against financial institutions, task that we have been acknowledged for with the award “El Suplemento 2016“, in the Finance Law category.

At present, Espacio Legal | Law & Tax deals with all kinds of legal fields, spanning a broad spectrum of the law, with a primary focus on litigation and transactional matters. Our team of lawyers are highly qualified and have a broad professional experience, we are qualified to approach any legal issue that our clients require. We have become a legal benchmarck in national financial law and at international level we have a team of lawyers competent to practice in any country in the world. We are highly qualified  in Banking Law, Criminal-Economic Law, Tax Law, Trade and Civil Law and Arbitration.

Since the foundation of the law firm, we have had a very clear idea of our goals: to provide our clients with reliable and available counsellors to take care of their legal issues and to work based on expertise, honesty and efficiency to achieve the best  results in their cases.

Our motto is the following:

“We like our work, we believe in what we do and we never give up.”


Our Team

Marcelino Tamargo abogado en Madrid Barcelona y Asturias
Marcelino Tamargo
usana Tamargo abogada en Madrid Barcelona y Asturias
Susana Tamargo
Susana aguado abogada en Madrid
Susana Aguado
Beatriz Colinas administración de Espacio Legal
Beatriz Colinas
Abogados expertos derecho bancario en Asturias Barcelona y Madrid
Sergio Somiedo - Miguel Sánchez
Paula Ramos gestión administrativa en Asturias
Paula Ramos