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The globalization of society has made this sector of law to have an increasing in its importance and activity, since it deals with legal relations between individuals or companies when an international element intervenes.

In Espacio Legal | Law & Tax we are not foreign to this situation, especially if we take into account the inclusion of the Spanish State’s into the European Union, which has caused us to be governed by two legal systems whose rules affect us: European and national Law.

International Law affects individuals, legal entities (especially commercial companies), societies and international organizations, even states themselves when they participate in international trading activities.

Given that international law regulates legal relations between companies, individuals or states when the parties are of different nationality or when legal acts take place and different territories, it is logical for it to be related to all legal disciplines: International Criminal, Corporate, Civil, Mercantile, Tax, Tributary and Constitutional Law, etc.

In Espacio Legal | Law & Tax we have a group of experts who are up to date on how many changes are produced in international conventions, European regulations and internal rules that affect International Law, sectors in constant change and evolution.

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The internationalization of society has generated increasing professionals working in countries that are not their own, and many entrepreneurs have opted to develop or expand their professional activity beyond their borders. Not to mention the legal implications of Spain’s membership of the European Union. Conscious of this reality, in Espacio Legal we have specialized in solving legal situations in the where transnational elements intervene. We offer the following services:

  • Advice on foreign investment in Spain.
  • Advice on Spanish investments abroad.
  • Trading of real estate in Spain by foreigners.
  • Trading of Spanish property abroad.
  • Contracting of Spanish companies abroad.
  • Contracting of foreigners by Spanish companies.
  • Rights and obligations of expatriates and their relationship with their home companies.
  • Right of Asylum.
  • Extradition proceedings.
  • Transfers and movements between countries.
  • Temporary residence permits.
  • Self-employed residences, entrepreneurs or investors.
  • Any matter related to Criminal, Corporate, Civil, Mercantile, Tax, Tributary, Financial or Arbitration Law, which has an international component.