Day to day procedures such as the signing of a contract, making a will, or receiving an inheritance, require the supervision of an expert so they can be done with maximum guarantees.

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Civil Law is responsible for regulating the personal or patrimonial relationships between people both individuals and legal entities.

In Espacio Legal we have specialized in Civil Patrimonial Law, advising both companies and private individuals regarding: rights in rem (which a person has on a thing, movable asset or real estate), real contracts (those that are acquired when subscribing a contract, and require providing a good or service for its fulfilment), customer protection (the rules that regulate the rights of consumers against business and the administration) and succession and inheritances (rights and obligations acquired by the inheritors).

We handle all kinds of issues related to obligations and contracts, claims for payments, insolvencies, arrears, collection of debts and defaults, advice to tenants and lessors, legal defence against large corporations, bank malpractice, etc.

In Espacio Legal, we have a legal department specialized in Successor and Inheritance Law. Its founder and director, the lawyer Marcelino Tamargo Menéndez, states that becoming an heir generates a series of administrative acts that, in many cases, require the intervention of a lawyer specialized in the matter.

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The Civil Patrimonial Law regulates a series of rights of a subjective nature susceptible of having an economic value, among which are the rights in rem, those acquired by signing a contract, consumer protection or intellectual rights.

In Espacio Legal we have legal experience in the defence and judicial representation in our own casuistry regarding Patrimonial Law, specifically related to:


Our legal team will advise you legally in the defence of your property rights, whatever their nature. In addition to the property or ownership, there is further casuistry regarding rights in rem, such as the usufruct (the right to enjoy a thirty-party property), residence (leases or use transfers), leasehold (temporary assignment of a property in exchange for an annual fee), mortgage, easements, etc.

This type of rights includes a wide range of casuistry; some of them have been acquired over time (custom), so a deep knowledge of the doctrine is necessary as well as having an experienced legal team, as the one composes our firm of lawyers.


Real contracts are a kind of contract in which the delivery of a good or service is not the result of compliance with the contract but the condition of its existence. In addition to compliance by the parties, it requires the delivery of the “object” as a requisite, as is the case of loans or deposits. Sometimes the delivery of the “thing” is symbolic, as it happens when transferring real estates or security boxes, where what is given is the key that gives access, an act that determines its possession.


Consumer Law, the set of rules that regulates the rights of citizens as consumers and users in the market for goods and services, and before the administration as a provider of services. It is a right recognized in the Spanish Constitution and developed in the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

Relations between consumers and companies are also governed by other regulations, such as the General Conditions for Contracting and the Consumer Credit Law, Information Society Services Law, etc.


We have a legal department specialized in Successor and Inheritance Law. Becoming an heir generates a series of administrative acts that in many cases require the intervention of a lawyer specializing in the subject. In addition, inheritance may also lead to conflicts of interest between heirs, or extraordinary cases such as the existence of illegitimate children or descendants.

The current economic context has caused many people to find themselves in the position of giving up an inheritance due to the existence of debts. In these situations, it is necessary to have adequate legal assistance that assesses the equity situation before making a hasty decision.


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Espacio Legal has offices in Madrid, Gijón, Barcelona and Málaga. From them we operate in all Spain and any country in which our clients have interests. We are pioneers in the fight against bad banking practices, work that has been recognized with the award of the "El Suplemento 2016" in the Financial Law category. Today we manage all kinds of legal specialties.

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