Having professional advice when claiming defaults will save you time and money, in addition to guaranteeing better effecttiveness towards achieving your objective.

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In Espacio Legal we are aware of the problems produced by defaulters, both to individuals and professionals and entrepreneurs who have to deal with unpaid bills, unpaid contracts, trade debts, unpaid damages, loans not returned, community fees, etc.

Our firm specializes in debt collection. We carry out the entire process of managing and recovering defaults, including the so-called bad debt records.

The method our office follows to claim applies the following process: first, we determine the debt is not overdue, then we carry out a feasibility study of the claim, and finally we put in place the appropriate legal procedures to execute it.

It is essential to prove the legitimacy of the debt and determine the deadline for claiming it. In the case of requirements of a commercial nature, the limitation period extends up to 15 years from the date of the invoice due date.

Once the viability of the claim is determined, we study the best way to carry it out. It can be extrajudicial, by means of a friendly claim to the defaulter or to the companies’ administrators, that often are the subsidiaries culprits; or by judicial means. In this case, the professionals of Espacio Legal, directed by the lawyer Marcelino Tamargo Menéndez, legally assess the process, analyse its viability and choose the appropriate procedure (payment order, debt collection suit, ordinary or verbal procedure, etc.).

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Having a specialized legal advice like the one that we offer in Espacio Legal saves time and unnecessary expenses, and grants as well a greater effectiveness in the claiming of the debt. A legal advisor from our team of experts is responsible for narrowing the claim in the most appropriate way for the interests of our clients.



Debt collection suit: actions for non-payment of checks, promissory notes, etc.

Payment order: The payment order trial is the most efficient and fastest weapon available to the creditor to claim and collect their debts judicially. By this mean, you can claim from 1€ up to 250,000€. This tool is a lot CHEAPER and FASTER than Ordinary Justice

Ordinary Trial: In Espacio Legal we are aware of the time and effort involved in an ordinary procedure, so once the documentation is requested, we handle the representation of the client, avoiding any kind of discomfort.

In the event that the debtor does not comply with the favourable judgment, his/her property will be seized in order to cope with the debt, the interest generated by it and the cost of legal proceedings.

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Espacio Legal has offices in Madrid, Gijón, Barcelona and Málaga. From them we operate in all Spain and any country in which our clients have interests. We are pioneers in the fight against bad banking practices, work that has been recognized with the award of the "El Suplemento 2016" in the Financial Law category. Today we manage all kinds of legal specialties.

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